Save our Libraries

Bury's Labour-run Council are planning on closing both Unsworth and Whitefield libraries and are also considering shutting Radcliffe as well.

I live in Whitefield and grew up here. I went to Higher Lane Primary School, right next to Whitefield library. I must have gone there at least twice a week after school. That library played an important part in my childhood and I am horrified at Labour's short sighted plans to close it along with Unsworth and Radcliffe (we used to go to Radcliffe library whenever we wanted to borrow a video!).

That's why I've launched this petition calling on Labour to listen to local residents and scrap their plans to close our local libraries.

If you support my campaign, please take 2 mins to complete the below petition survey and then share this with your friends and family on Facebook.

If we work together, we can help make a difference.

Best wishes,

Robert Largan
Conservative Candidate for Bury South