Save our Green-belt

The local elections in Bury on the 2nd May will decide the future of large areas of land currently classified as green-belt within our borough.
The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF), a plan put together by the Labour Mayor of GM and supported by all 10 council leaders will decimate green-belt sites throughout Bury.
Green-belt land at Walshaw Brook, Elton Reservoir, Simister and Bowlee will be concreted over and our environment will change for ever. The open countryside enjoyed by residents for generations will disappear increasing pollution, congestions on our roads, decimating wildlife habitat and restricting access for local people to open spaces for recreation and pleasure.
This plan is not acceptable to Bury Conservatives and a Conservative led Bury Council would VETO the GMSF and do everything possible to protect our Green-belt.
Labour have no other plan, so the choice is clear. As a policy choice Labour are choosing to destroy our countryside, whereas Bury Conservatives would seek to preserve the open spaces currently under threat.
No other political party has committed to VETO the GMSF in their manifestos ONLY BURY CONSERVATIVES.
Please support your local Conservative candidate in May’s elections. If you do not our Borough will be irreversibly changed for the worst, this is an outcome nobody wants.