Protecting our Green-Belt and Countryside

New provisional population figures would see a dramatic reduction in the housing need for Bury over the next 20 years.

There would be no need to build on any green-belt land within our town as proposed in Labour’s Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF).

Conservative Candidate for Bury North, James Daly is the only political leader in Bury who has proposed that Bury Council should VETO the GMSF.

James said, “protecting the greenbelt is one of my top priorities, the plan to build over 4,000 new houses at Elton Reservoir, Walshaw Brook and Tottington is completely unacceptable. Our roads and public services would be unable to cope with the impact of such large scale development and wildlife would be decimated."

"Our local plan must be based upon the new population figures and any new homes must always be built on brown-field sites with additional infrastructure investment put in place first".

Bury North needs a strong voice in parliament and James has a track record of successfully campaigning to protect precious areas of countryside in our town.