A New Free School for Radcliffe

Radcliffe needs a new secondary school and Bury Conservatives are determined to deliver for local families.

The Borough must provide sufficient school places for the resident population but there is a mismatch, we have a younger, growing population in the north and an ageing population in the south.

Furthermore, there are sites capable of supporting approximately 1,000 homes within a mile of Radcliffe that already have planning
permission likely to put further pressure on the availability of school places. Radcliffe Campaigner Sam Hurst states "The demand for school places in the Borough from neighbouring authorities who are unable to cater for their own local need is creating an intolerable situation. We will work with the government to deliver the school Radcliffe badly needs." The cost of building this state of the art facility will come from capital receipts of existing surplus sites and other outside funding sources.