MP candidate fights congestion in Prestwich

Christian Wakeford MP candidate for Bury South has mounted a campaign against the increasing congestion in Prestwich.

Christian said "the regeneration scheme for Prestwich Village has seen Bury New Road become one the most congested road in the country. The congestion has caused all kinds of problems for residents and workers. Specifically, an increase in air pollution, delayed public transport, missed appointments and is causing workers to be late for jobs".

"The accumulative time spent stuck in traffic amounts to on average 34 hours per year. This is unacceptable and something needs to be done to tackle this problem now before it gets even worse"

"That's why I've written to Bury Council to see what can be done to ease the problem. I want to explore all options including a new plan for parking spaces, better junctions and new traffic signals through Prestwich to ease the backlog"

"It's not right that local residents should spend so long each day stuck in congestion - i want to improve things to get Prestwich moving and road users to their destinations on time".