James Daly for Bury North

James Daly is the Parliamentary Candidate for the Bury North constituency.

A message from James:

"I live in Bury North with my wife and two children, I run a small business and my children go to school locally. I play cricket here and coach a local under 9s team. I am also Chair of Governors at a local state run nursery school.

I am working to be the next member of parliament for Bury North because it's my home and I want our community to thrive.

I truly believe that it's only when our community comes together that we can tackle the complex issues facing our town - whether that's protecting the green-belt whilst building truly affordable homes on brown field sites or investing further money into local schools to give all children the best start in life. That's why I'm running to be your next Member of Parliament: to work with you all to help Bury North be the best it can be."