Bury Conservatives call for free, short stay, parking to help kickstart our economic recovery

Bury Conservative Council Group has called on the Council for free, short stay, parking to help our high streets and Bury Market. At the May COVID-19 Emergency Powers Group, Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Nick Jones called on the Council to review plans to support businesses in the Borough and consider extending free parking.

With the news that Bury Council is to receive Government funding to prepare for the safe opening of high streets and other retail spaces, Bury Conservatives are calling on the Labour administration at the Town Hall to kick-start the Bury economy.

The Conservative Council Group believe free parking will help to support businesses across Prestwich, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Tottington, Ramsbottom and Bury.

Leader of Bury Conservatives, Cllr. Nick Jones said: “High streets across our six townships of Prestwich, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Tottington, Ramsbottom and Bury are critical to our economic recovery.

“I will be pushing for Bury MBC to follow government advice and work to reopen our high streets as well as offering free parking to support Bury Market and businesses across the Borough. We need to support the market traders and businesses, encourage residents to shop local and one way of doing this is to offer free parking.

“The Council does not have unlimited funds but the Conservative Group believe that the Council needs to support Businesses and Market Traders further to ensure they come through this crisis. In addition to the governors package of support we called day Market Traders to receive:

  • Six month rent cash grant for day traders
  • 3 month rent free period
  • Free parking around Bury town centre and across the boroughs six townships

Cllr. Bob Caserta, Shadow Cabinet Member Corporate Affairs, Regeneration and HR said: “We all know how valuable our high streets are and how vital they will be to getting Bury back up and running. With the Council to receive Government funding to support a range of safety measures that will help local businesses get back on track, now is an ideal time to review car parking charges in our towns as we move into preparing for the reopening of non-essential retail.

“Throughout this crisis I have been in constant contact with a number of Market Traders and business owners who are frustrated with how they have been treated by the Labour Council. It is clear to me that they need further support to ensure they survive. As we move back to a sense of normality, one way to achieve this is to encourage residents to shop local.

“To level up and support our high streets, Conservatives are calling for free parking which would be funded by government grants and would boost Council income in the long-term through helping to retain rate paying businesses in our town centres”.

As part of Bury Conservatives campaign to support out town centres, there is also a short survey that residents can complete to share their views on parking in the borough.

Free Short Stay Parking for Bury

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Do you support our campaign to offer free parking to support Bury Market and businesses across the Borough?